Apprehension Sets In

So here I am, twelve days away from the biggest and most exciting journey of my life. I’m about to travel half way around the world, alone. I’m excited for the opportunity to explore other cultures but apprehensive at doing this trip solo. While I am used to being alone most of my time, it’s always easy to retreat back to my room and watch TV, or go to the same coffee shop or restaurant and feel as if “I belong”. This will be different; new and strange environments with no familiarity.

At the same time, I am excited about the confidence I hope to build while overseas. While it may seem trite to some, seemingly simple things like finding the right train to take from the center of the city to the airport, or ordering food in another language, I believe will build confidence in me. If I can live for two weeks in five different countries, where I don’t know anyone, or the language, what does that say about what I should be able to accomplish here back home in the States?

I feel a bit surreal though. I have been waiting for this trip for almost a year, and now it is less than two weeks away, and as strange as it may sound, a tiny part of me wants to call the trip off, and not go. Obviously this is my subconscious holding on desperately to the familiar, afraid of embracing change.

Thankfully, I am not heading to a remote part of China, or Uzbekistan (not that those places don’t sound appealing). I’ll be in countries where there is a good chance people will speak English. I’m not so much apprehensive about being in 5 different countries, as I am about going through Customs and Immigration in London and Oslo. It’s been years since I have gone through Immigration, and that was only in Canada.

But overall, this trip is going to be exciting! I will be visiting: London, England / Oslo, Norway / Copenhagen, Denmark / Warnemunde, Germany / Visby, Sweden / Stockholm, Sweden (5 days, 4 nights).

I’ve put off all the “dirty work” for the last two weeks. I still need to find and plan travel between airports and cities, and between hotels, and ports. Now comes the fun part – the nitty gritty planning. Thank goodness for Tripit (my shameless plug).

Stay tuned for daily (hopefully) blogs from overseas!

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